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January 30, 2009 | By: admin
Khoy at a glance

Khoy is one of the ancient regions of Iran with a moderate climate. The capital city being Khoy located 807 km. from Tehran. The word Khoy means 'salt', as the primary settlers in this region were the Medes due to the presence of a salt quarry here, called it as such. According to ancient records Khoy was a place having great importance, and was one of the branches of the Silk Road connecting east to west and passed through this city in pre-Islamic ages.

Motaleb Khan Mosque
Situated in the central part of the city, this mosque is related to the Eilkhani era. After being destroyed, it was reconstructed in the Qajar period. It has beautiful plaster moldings and engravings.

Shams-e-Tabrizy Minaret
This minarets is located in a garden surrounding the residence of Shams-ol-Moluk-e-Donbali in the northeast of the city of Khoy. There is a diversity concerning the origin of this minaret. It is believed that a person had been able to hunt rams within one day, the number of the horns on minaret indicates the number of that days hunting. Another version is that this structure was constructed by the reputed Amir Shams-ol-Moluk Donbali of the Donbali dynasty and yet another narratives state that this was the winter palace of Shah Esmail Safavid and believed that the adornment of the minaret was the outcome of one day hunting of the king.

Khoy Old Bazaar
The said bazaar is to the eastern part of the city parallel to Taleqani and Enqelab streets. This bazaar is a remnant of Safavid, Zandiyeh and the Qajar periods in 4th century AH. This bazaar is composed of various sections. Though it has been constructed on simple lines, the architecture affect is impressive and suitable to the wealthy conditions of the city. Ibn-e-Hogol has mentioned this bazaar in his records in the year 346 AH.

Khatoon Bridge
This bridge was constructed at 2 km. southeast of Khoy on the river which is 40 km. from Khoy - Salmas Road in the years 1170-1200 AH., under the orders of Ahmad Khan Donbeli. The bridge is made of brick and is 59.40 m. in length, 8.70 m. in width, and 6.48 m. in height. The bridge has undergone repair in recent years.

Seyed-ol-Shohada Mosque
This mosque is located in north Enqelab Street and belongs to Qajar era. It is tetrangular structure and to the height of 60 cm. it was constructed by stone and the rest with brick. It has single storey shabestan (or Nocturnal area), the pillars of which is carefully and regularly decorated by brick works.This mosque is unique in architecture.

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khoy is my love on April 11, 2013 00:06

Khoy city is my love and my whole life. I hope it will be an independent province center for itself since it is large enough to do so.

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